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Contracts for slippery handshakes

You gotta have clarity and fairness in business. You and the people around your business should know the way forward. Let鈥檚 consider a story, rather an experience. 1锔忊儯 Once, I decided to partner with someone on a project. Excited about our collaboration, we jumped right in without putting anything in writing but a handshake. We did not realise that the handshake was slippery. Big mistake. As the project progressed, disagreements arose, and without clear terms, both of us did not know what the terms was, things quickly went out of control....

March 18, 2024 路 3 min 路 Ejas Muhammed
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Disagree, if you disagree

During conversations with my co-founders, whenever I hear something that I disagree with, I convey it to them. I make an effort to be polite when expressing my disagreement. But what if I don鈥檛 convey it and act as if there is no disagreement? It鈥檚 a lie, or the truth hidden. If you never express your disagreement and instead decide to reach a compromise where your opinions are suppressed, from then on, you are lying, and you lose significance....

January 27, 2024 路 2 min 路 Ejas Muhammed
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Group of Companies, a Dilemma

I often see entrepreneurs trying to build an empire. Forcing themselves to create multiple companies and run them to create an ecosystem. I believe this trend is inspired by case studies, YouTube videos, and social media posts related to big names (big companies and their founders) which made the process of achieving this look easy. But in reality, these established names did not achieve stuff overnight; they invested decades in building one thing, found the opportunity for the next, and eventually, created an ecosystem of their products and services - Google, Meta, and Apple, are examples....

January 18, 2024 路 1 min 路 Ejas Muhammed