I often see entrepreneurs trying to build an empire. Forcing themselves to create multiple companies and run them to create an ecosystem.

I believe this trend is inspired by case studies, YouTube videos, and social media posts related to big names (big companies and their founders) which made the process of achieving this look easy.

But in reality, these established names did not achieve stuff overnight; they invested decades in building one thing, found the opportunity for the next, and eventually, created an ecosystem of their products and services - Google, Meta, and Apple, are examples.

But today’s entrepreneurs trying to do this all together at once instantly requires substantial resources and wisdom which the big names now have.

In a world where entrepreneurship is a fancy title, most of these actions are built for social media bluffing.

For those Instagram entrepreneurs, I have one question - If you haven’t built one, how are you gonna build many?!

Let’s build a service company, marketing agency, CRM company, e-learning platform, e-commerce platform, and podcast channel, and connect them all together as an ecosystem of “ellam ivide kittum” (meaning: you get everything here)Do you have this thought? I try to stay away from doing business with you (cuz you are at the top of mount-unrealistic)