I write because I read—it gives definition and clarity to my thoughts, influencing my actions!

Articulating my ideas through writing solidifies my understanding. The content I consume shapes my clarity.

Choosing content aligning with my thoughts enhances clarity. I’m mindful of sources where I consume from.

Writing a book was a long term dream, and I realised that my pot was empty. Now, I read and write to fill my pot.

Writing these short posts with relevant reading brings clarity.

Reading a book from an author who researched a decade (to write it) gives me instant accessibility to a decade long research.

I read to write!

Are you a reader too?

Recently (as of Jan 2024) I started to read more relevant stuff and started to articulate my thoughts. These actions helped me in gaining more clarity. Thoughts are not just thoughts anymore; I am writing and defining them.

Thanks to Fathima Nasreen, my wife, companion and my best friend for mentioning that I was clueless because my pot was empty. She keeps reminding me about the Qur’an and how it can define us as a person.

Thanks to Faris Mohamed, my akhi (once a college junior, became a friend, then a co-founder to a brother) for sharing relevant stuff to read.

بارك الله فيكم