I resigned from my previous company, and I was clearing up my mess. While being the CEO of the company, I wasn’t able to untangle the messes; the company was heading down a path which I would never take. I tried to cope with the mess and acted like there was nothing to untangle, but sooner or later, I realized that by not acting, I was only making it more difficult to clear with each passing day. I decided to resign, informed my co-founders, and tackled the biggest mess I had.

Clearing your mess is a challenging endeavor | Image free from Freepik

Do you have waste piled up in a corner, waiting to be dumped outside? And are you still thinking that you can clear it tomorrow? Those are also messes.

Spot a mess? That’s ‘immediate attention required’ kind of stuff—clear it. Procrastination makes it grow, cluttering your space and mind.

Mess often stems from delays, unclear communication, or lack of clarity. Once you discover a mess, stumble upon it, and clean it up.

Recently, a customer conflict arose due to a lack of clarity in communication. Once I identified it, I decided to sit down with the customer and untangled the miscommunication. The result? Clarity and resolution. Now, we are on the same page.

Life can often bring messes. Jump on them immediately.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up? Making your bed or scrolling social media?—clearing messes or making them bigger? The choice is yours.

Clarity is the result of untangling the clutter | Image free from Freepik

Inspired by: Do it today by Sarius Foroux